Object and image, transformed into tool, totem, and talisman, fuel my process and imagination. 
My practice, which includes photography, sculpture, mixed media and bookmaking, involves going out into the world and collecting images and objects. I then return to the studio to consider my findings and reshape them. My artworks emerge from uncovering the metaphor in material, object, and site. 
Out of the activities of play, craft, and hand-making, I reconfigure, pull apart, and join together found objects and natural materials to create artwork that embodies the generative act of exploring, collecting, reimagining, and finding meaning.
Place can also provide a powerful source of metaphor. Images and objects found at specific sites can be reconfigured into larger-scaled artworks. 
I might create a collaged installation hung on the walls of the gallery from objects found on my walks and transformed in my studio. 
Photographs made during my navigations can be assembled and integrated into a variety of mediums, from something as public as a window display to something as personal as a hand-held book.  
All of the paths my work takes reflect my wandering eye, collector-temperament, and my commitment to the interdependence of materials, meaning, and method. Through bringing these disparate parts together, I reveal the many metaphors that can be found in the places we go and in the things we collect, display, cherish, and throw away.

mollie murphy