Object and image, transformed into tool, totem, and talisman, fuel my process and imagination. 
My practice, which includes photography, sculpture, mixed media and bookmaking, involves going out into the world and collecting photographs and natural and man-made objects. I then return to the studio to consider my findings and reshape them. 
I use materials as metaphors for my experience. My artwork grows out of the activities of play, craft, and hand-making. I reconfigure, pull apart, and join together found objects and natural materials to create artwork that embodies the generative act of exploring, collecting, reimagining, and finding meaning.
Place also provides a powerful source of metaphor. What I discover at specific sites can be transformed and reconfigured into larger-scaled installations.
In the series This Is Florida, I created a collaged installation hung on the walls of the gallery from objects found on my walks and transformed in my studio. The form of the piece reflected my wandering path through the wild landscape of central Florida. With Prospect to The Garden, I photographed people moving through a university garden in my town as a means of suggesting stillness and sound, movement and the passage of life. The final installation assembles these images in a variety of mediums. 
My work reflects my wandering eye, collector-temperament, and my commitment to the interdependence of materials, meaning, and method. Through bringing these disparate parts together, I reveal how self-knowledge and humanity can be found in the places we go and in the things we collect, display, cherish, and throw away.
mollie murphy